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Meet the Spirit Dolls (more) ...

All of my Spirit Dolls go through a cleansing ceremony, after they are birthed. I expose them to the elements … Air, Water, Fire (sunbaths) and Earth.  Many of them have mud/clay incorporated in them as well.  Moon baths are also done in the Full Moon  (if they are created on a Full Moon) and if they are still in my possession at the time.   You will also notice they have a distinct scent, because their aura is also cleansed many times during the creation process with Palo Santo

(Holy Wood) and essential oil baths, along with Sacred Water from our own natural spring here in Avalon.


My creations are born out of many years of my Shamanic work.  They also tell a story and can help you with your own personal clearing.  

family album.png

These dolls are filled with such soul and whimsy that it is impossible not to love them. Louise's creativity brings out the individuality and personality in each of the dolls and they help bring whatever is needed to those lucky enough to adopt them. They truly work their way into your heart.
Mona, ME

Steven rhodes.jpg

Divine Spirt inspired. 
Blessed with my new arrival today. 
Grateful Louise.

Steven, CA


It is interesting how they come to us.  I love Jayei's story and as I knew she was mine, just two days later, in a very bizarre way, my story connects with her.

A sweet dinner with neighbors/friends leads to discussion about Africa and I find myself considering the trip. She is already working in my life. I am so full of gratitude and love.

Jeana, MT

Louise, your Spirit Dolls are the missing link... between all that we live and teach.

Cyd, OH

Full Circle Feng Shui and Life Design

These two Spirit Dolls were created at two different times but I feel that Chief called Grace to him.  They are helping me hold the highest, purest vibration for my 'Chief" to find his way to me.  These dolls are my most sacred gifts!  I am so honored to have Louise's brilliant work in my personal space.

Aeriana, ME

The passion that exudes from Louise’s natural way of creating Spirit Dolls is magical in its collaboration with the dolls themselves.  Each one comes alive, and they dance with Louise’s creativity to bring us all healing, unique to each individual who hears and feels it’s call.  

Amber, NC
Nahimana Forest


Suzanna arrived at her new home with me just this evening! I am absolutely thrilled to have her in my home!  She is a powerful and stunning doll who I felt instantly connected with as soon as I saw a picture

of her posted on Louise’s Facebook page!  I heard a tinkling of bells and I knew that she was meant

for me and I was meant for her!  Thank you Louise for sharing this magic with the world!

Blessing and light!

Kristen, NY

Louise is a loving vessel for Divine creation.  I connected with Fae immediately! When she first arrived, it was such a beautiful, spiritual experience! I felt so much love! And when I took her out for a walk with me in nature, it was magical...

Laura, FL

Past Life Regression Therapist

Louise creates dolls of pure enchantment! When

I saw my Witchy Woman and her darling familiar

I simply fell in LOVE. They arrived at my home quickly, full of energy and instantly brought joy and fun to my studio. A truly magical experience!

 Sue, GA

Artist at Sue Glass Studio

When Spirit speaks, Louise listens.  She then crafts these messages into manifest form as Spirit Dolls.  The dolls reach out to those who are in need of healing or to realize the totality of who they truly are to live a life of loving, joyful fulfillment."

Sharon, WA



Penelope is my first pocket spirit. She came right out of her shipping box full of sassy laughing spirit. She took her first journey with me to San Felipe México, soaking up the energy of the ocean waves & basking in the sun . She’s now headed to her home up in Montana.

Lori, MT



When my daughter was little, her favorite bedtime book was called The Runaway Bunny.  Every night after her bath, she would run to me with the book in her hands for me to read.  It became our little bed time ritual.  "If you run away, I will find you. For you are my little bunny."

Each and every time I look at Ella and her Magical kitty, Ellette, I am reminded of our snuggle time together. Make sure the articles in your home bring you happiness and fond memories, for everything speaks

to us all the time.


To read more stories about my Spirit Dolls and their owners, click below to view some of the pages of my book ...

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