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In order to be in harmony with the natural world, it is important to surround ourselves with the elements found in nature. Having a Spirit Doll in your home that you feel an energetic connection with, can reflect, protect, instruct and assist you in your healing process.

My mission is to facilitate the healing of a person's inner and outer worlds. Together, we will create sacred spaces and tools that awaken the soul and bring harmony and balance into your life.


Meet the Spirit Dolls ...

A Spirit Doll is made by hand, put together lovingly with only the finest high vibration, natural materials including silk, raw wool, organic cotton, beads, clay, mud, essential oils and sacred water from a natural spring on her property.  Spirit Dolls embody Hopes, Dreams and Prayers.  The doll’s unique vibration will resonate with a specific individual.  When an energetic connection has been made, one has an 'inner knowing' that the doll has been created for them, often without knowing why but intuitively knowing the doll is a part of their personal healing journey.  

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Meet Louise ...

'I am a lover of all things natural, sacred and beautiful.  As a teacher of Feng Shui, I have facilitated numerous groups and individual coaching programs, as well as hundreds of residential and business Feng Shui consultations.  

I am also the Channel for Spirit Dolls.  I have been called to blend my years of study in Feng Shui with my personal experience in the natural world to create these sacred vessels of the Divine.  I know, instinctively, that the objects we have in our homes can have a deep impact on the energy in our lives.  That knowledge guides me as I bring Spirit Dolls to life.'


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Louise lives in a sacred forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her husband  Matthew and her two beautiful felines, Bodhi and Manju.  Her inspirational high vista views and early morning sunrises create a template of deep inspiration for her creations.


"Louise Klein has the very special ability to inspire others to find their inner spiritual roots so they can truly soar!" 

Denise Linn . Internationally-renowned Healer, Author & Creator of Soul Coaching.

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